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Kevin is a landscape photographer based on the East Coast area of the United States. He understands that there are an endless number of photographers with the passion to capture the beauty of the landscape with a camera. Kevin's passion is no different, but the challenge is capturing and presenting a landscape such that it is unique. "I get it – I am one of tons of photographers taking photos of beautiful things, but the real challenge is capturing that beauty in a way that exists for only a moment in time or composing a shot in such a way that evokes a sense of visual and emotional satisfaction that you feel and react to effortlessly.”

His photography aims to capture the viewer’s interest with unique attention to elements of the natural world such as light, dark, contrast, depth, etc. “I am constantly working to find different ways of establishing a photo’s essence such that it is defined by much more than just the sum of the individual effects of the elements contained within.”

He feels that those elements not only have to come together – but should work together for the success of a photograph.

Kevin spent several years earlier in life as a wildlife artist composing and creating paintings of the natural world. “First of all, composition is key and you have to be creative when working with a limited proportional space in which to fit and communicate visually while maintaining that sense of boundlessness associated with the experience.” The same holds true for photography. “Sometimes you compose to keep a viewer’s attention singularly focused on something and other times you provide for elements that give the viewer a chance to move through the photograph guided by contrast in lighting and shape.”

Kevin likens photography to life itself. “An effective photograph is much like life itself in that darkness is used to reveal the light and it’s the variations of this contrast that help define the volume of space we live in.”     

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy.  I'd really appreciate your comments throughout the galleries and please contact me with any questions or interest in my work using the contact link at the top of each page or through email.



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